Piper Goyle, Slytherin 6th year. Talk to me but don't get in the way of what I want. I have and older brother, Matteo.
Note: I also play Rory Finnigan, so if you want to read about me OOC go there!


Justin carefully picked Piper up wanting to sweep her of her feet as he carried her up the hallway. He was aware he was getiing strange looks from students passing by but he really didnt care. After a short walk they arrived at the door he walked passed 3 timessomewhere we can chill outhe thought. The door finally opened and he carred here in around the room was a fireplace and in front of it a couch with a few candles surrounding the place. He walked over and gently popped her on the couch as he sat down pulling her over to him. “I missed you so much” he said pulling his arm around her, it had been true he had been going stir crazy the last few weeks without her. “Dont ever leave me again” he chuckled slowly leaning in and gently kissing her lips.

Piper smiled at the boy, no, she reminded herself, man, that she loved. “I’ve missed you, too.” she responded, kissing him harder. It had been a rough couple of weeks. Between hearing voices and seeing things no one else could and essays and homework, she really just hadn’t had time. She was glad she had time now.

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